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The Carrière Distalizer is an innovating appliance for orthodontic correction designed and patented by Dr. Luis Carrière. This new model came as the result of both bio-mechanical study and computing, reducing the processes of dental correction by means of simulation.

The main objective of the D istalizer is to produce a rotation movement in the first upper molars around the palatine root, at the same time as they receive a mass distalization impulse. The bio-mechanical focus of this project was the result of a deep research using the most advanced technology of Computer Aided Design.

Thus, the period of treatment can be reduced from 24 to 15 months. The whole process is carried out in a comfortable, painless, fast and precise manner.

The U.S. Company Class One Orthodontics was the company in charge of manufacturing and placing this new product on the market, winning the I nternational P rize in the year 2004.

Distalizer Syllabus


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